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Who should practice Ashtanga?

If you have practiced other Yoga so far you will notice immense progress within just a few days when you start learning Yoga the traditional way. There is a reason, why Ashtangies are able to be doing what they do.

Everybody can practice Ashtanga. It is taught individually, one on one, so we can modify the sequences to your needs.

Also there is no better method for you if you don't feel to comfortable in German as we speak English if necessary in all classes, any time of the day!

Two types of teaching (physical) Yoga

There are two ways of teaching physical Yoga:

  1. Led Class
    A teacher in front is leading a group, all students practice more or less the same.
    Often times big groups of students. Very difficult for students to get individual attention, very few corrections.
    Students hardly ever develop an individual Yoga practice.
  2. Mysore Style (traditional Yoga teaching)
    One (or more teachers) walks around the room and assists each student individually.
    All students practice individually according to their speed of breath, capabilities and experience.
    Generally smaller groups of students

Learning Mysore Style

In "Mysore Style" you memorize Yoga practice step by step instead of imitating it.
The advantages of this approach are endless and learning advanced practices like Ashtanga is practically impossible in led classes.

But you can't learn such Yoga without a commitment from yourself and your teacher.

Get Ready - Start Ashtanga Yoga!

Ashtanga AdjustmentIf you are not afraid of an intense physical practice and transformative process: Don't hesitate. Just drop us an email and commit yourself to your month long Ashtanga introduction. You can never understand what Ashtanga is about otherwise.

How can I try out Ashtanga?

You can begin with your introduction month any time.
If you are not ready to commit for a month yet please come to either

  1. Our Ashtanga Flow Class (trial class 10 €)
    Sunday 16:00-17:30 (please check live schedule!)
  2. Fundamentals workshop (next on )

I want to learn traditional Ashtanga (Mysore style)

You must stay in Berlin and be willing to practice with us for at least 3 months.

Also make sure that you can practice 3-5 days a week in the beginning.

Berlin visitors please contact us first.

Learn Mysore Style - the introduction month for  70 €.

According to the tradition we teach one on one in small groups ("Mysore Style").

You will learn the method step by step and become able to enjoy a truly concentrated Yoga practice which we help you refine, extend and deepen each time you come to class.

 Please come at least 3-5 times per week in your introduction month, especially in the first week.
You can come any time in the timespans indicated in our class schedule page.

Register for the "introduction month for 70 €".

 "Practice, Practice and all is coming" (P. Jois)