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Prices @ Ashtanga Yoga Berlin

Payment @ AYB

All cards and plans can be paid to the teachers directly. We prefer cash payments as the fastest method. You can also pay with debit or credit card.

A I am a Visitor

Previous Ashtanga experience? Drop in any time and get any of the cards below.

Ashtanga beginner? You must get at least a 2 weeks unlimited card or a 10 times punch card, please contact us for information.

Tariff Validity Price
Singe class visit 1 class 15 €
5 times punch card 5 classes in 30 days 65 €
10 classes (2 months) 10 classes in 60 days 120 €
10 classes + (3 months) 10 classes in 90 days 130 €
1 week unlimited 7 days unlimited classes 55 €
2 weeks unlimited 14 days unlimited classes 80 €
3 weeks unlimited 21 days unlimited classes 100 €

1 month unlimited

1 month unlimited classes 110 €
2 months unlimited 2 months unlimited classes

210 €

Private class 90 minutes 100 €

B I want to learn Ashtanga and become a member

Are you new to Ashtanga?

You can start with our special introduction month if you want to start practicing Ashtanga with us.

Otherwise please check out our visitor cards or membership rates. More information on our beginners page.

Tariff Price

Ashtanga Flow Class - for trial classes

Every Sunday 16:00 - 17:30


(once) Trial Visit: 10 €

Or with any other visitor card, introduction month, membership

Introduction month - daily practice for 30 days

(max 6 classes per week)

80 €

Fndamentals Workshop

Detailed introduction to the key principles of the Ashtanga method

Next Workshop date: Date

member or introduction month participant 20 €
visitor 30 € 

C Memberships

Tariff Prices since June 2014
4 classes / month 50 €
8 classes / month 75 €
No limits 100 €
No limits (only morning and lunch time classes) 90 €

The membership rates must be paid every calendar month until the membership is cancelled.
If you do not intend to come on a very regular basis you should consider getting visitor cards which are more flexible.

A membership has a minimum term of three months and is be paid in advance or monthly by using automated direct debit (requires EU bank account).
After three months the membership can be cancelled any time towards the end of the following month.

We offer individual sponsorships for dedicated Yoga practicioners with low income.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

D Private Class (1:1 teaching)

We offer appointments for private classes where you will be taught absolutely individually by one of our teachers.

This is for you if you for example

  • are a Berlin visitor for less than one month and would like to get a intensive introduction to the Ashtanga method
  • have very special questions / issues in your Yoga practice
  • would like to clarify pranayama or philosophical questions
  • have an injury or specific needs that you believe can't be addressed enough in our regular Mysore classes
  • like a more private setting less distracting than a group class situation

If you would like to get a private class with one of our teachers you need to make an appointment by email or calling us.

Tariff Price
60 minutes private class 70 €
90 minutes private class 100 €