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For the last decades we all have been ignoring science and the warning signs of the crisis. We all just kept going. Also the Yogis. We feel deeply ashamed. Right now billions of humans and other beings are facing the consequences of the global climate crisis that our lifestyle has created especially in the past 30 years.
Right now millions of children in our seeming stable countries realize that their parents and grandparents keep destroying their future. Looking at vast regions in Africa, India etc. we see our own future. All mankind will experience floods, draught, fire, famine and mass migration if we don't change our behaviour RADICALLY.

How can we practice Yoga and not rebel against this situation?

You can't watch Greta often enough. I feel the same grief about the ignorance of our generation. How can anyone on this planet not listen and stop the madness? How ignorant must one be to our children's right for inherting intact ecosystems? Greta Thunberg at the Climate Action Summit 2019
It is our duty to help all future beings on this planet. Use the Corona crisis to understand that our global fun lifestyle is not only a huge problem for all children but also for yourself. Air travel kills. Just for fun. Once you understand the evil in this, how can you not stop? How dare you even pretend talking about Yoga? Pure egotism and hypocrisy!
Yogis for Climate Justice

You want to act but do not know what to do?

CONTACT the "Yogis for Climate Justice"!


We are determined to do everything in our power to end the madness. Our mission is to

  1. EDUCATE: Everybody must know the scientific facts about the climate crisis, what can we change.
  2. SELF-CHANGE: Every human is an example (or excuse) for others. Therefore we must analyse and adjust your own behavior to minimize our CO2 emissions and other destructive patterns.
  3. BECOME ACTIVE: Only if each one of us begins to act we can stop the destruction of human civilization.
  4. GET ORGANIZED: You are not alone. Join groups such as Extinction Rebellion or Fridays for Future. We will protest until even the most ignorant leaders take responsibility!

Let us Unite the Yoga world

Yoga has become a mass movement. We hope that Yoga can become a mass movement to bring about change.

Yoga practice is when you understandand the big picture. All Yoga practice is in vain if we cannot live in this world any longer.

Instead of talking about new postures we should be talking about new ways to avoid global warming.

Let us unite all schools of Yoga behind one goal that we all agree upon. We must preserve creation.


We are dedicated at fighting against global warming and pollution

We support everybody dedicated at fighting global destruction

We understand our individual responsibility as a role model for others.

We avoid all air travel as it is the most destructive indidivual behavior to the planet

We do not teach retreats or workshops that produce air travel

We do not invite or advertise Yoga teachers or events neglecting their responsibility for the planet.


We are doing all these non-profit efforts in addition to running our Yoga Shala. We are parents and we are overwhelmed by the developments just as you are.

Please help us!

We need help getting in touch with Yoga Shalas, Yoga practitioners and influential writers.

If you would like to support our efforts please contact aus.