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What is the AYB Mysore Challenge?

With the many things we do in life it can be difficult to maintain a daily Yoga practice for many of us.

It has become an annual tradition for us to invite all practitioners to get out of the comfort zone. Join the challenge of practicing 5 days a week just like in Mysore and win one of the many prices!

Right after the challenge you should keep the momentum and sign up for Grischa's Easter Ashtanga Intensive @ AYB (20-22 April)


Challenge Community Brunch 10 March

Let's all meet on Sunday 10th March after the Mysore class!

Sunday Pranayama

During the Mysore Challenge Grischa will offer a Pranayama-Class every Sunday 8-8:45 am.

The Prices

This year we have 3 levels of winning the challenge, they just differ in the number of weeks.

# practice days Price(s)
Challenge S 20 days in 4 weeks
Challenge M 25 in 5 weeks
  • free shirt or primary series book
  • + 50€ yoga voucher*
Challenge L 30 in 6 weeks
  • free shirt or primary series book
  • + 50€ yoga voucher*
  • + 1 of 5 "150€ yoga vouchers**"
  • *This voucher can be used for all our workshops and Yoga classes (also as a gift for someone else)
  • **If more than five participants complete the L challenge we will draw the lottery on 19 April.
Rules and Regulations
Hard rules
  • Only practice @ Shala counts
  • A card or plan to cover for the classes is mandatory
  • Sore ? Even a 30 minute practice counts!
  • Weak ? A prāṇāyāma / sitting practice counts, too. We can show you.
  • Ill ? Keep your virus at home. Email us on first day (!) for extension.
  • Away ? Extension if announced on day one
  • Extensions only within the given timeframe.
Soft rules
  • We are all different, don’t judge yourself or others.
  • This can be easy, difficult or practically impossible.
    Trying makes all difference, not success.
  • No grim faces @ Yoga. All this is supposed to be fun!
Sign up NOW!!!

Everybody can join the challenge this year. The only requirement is of course that you have enough "credit" in your account or card.

Questions or registration by email or at the studio.

Go beyond! The challenge of self-inquiry - "what can I do?"

We all know that donations can never be enough. Shouldn't we - as Yoga practitioners - do more and change our own lifestyle?

Nobody can be perfect, but we know that each one of us must improve.

What am I eating? How much am I shopping? How much energy am I wasting? Am I buying fair and sustainable products? Am I travelling just for fun or do I really have to? What could be done with the money and energy instead?

Let's all begin the new year extra mindful and observe ourselves objectively rather than judging others. Let's be honest with ourselves!

Inner and outer transformation

Daily Yoga practice is self-transformative - if done mindfully! A self-transformation based on ethic principles (e.g. the 5 yama-s listed in Patañjali Yoga Sutra) is your small but not meaningless contribution to a better world.

"Anyone can practice. Young man can practice. Old man can practice. Very old man can practice. Man who is sick, he can practice. Man who doesn't have strength can practice. Except lazy people; lazy people can't practice ashtanga yoga." (Sri K. Pattabhi Jois)

Please sign up in the Shala! Show your interest on Facebook!!