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Sanskrit uand Vedic Mantra

Sonntag 11:30 bis 13 Uhr

Sunday 11:30am to 1:30pm

Our vedic chanting class is paused until April 2017

About this class

We are extremely happy to have Christina teaching the ancient art of Sanskrit/Vedic Mantra Recitation at our Yoga studio.

It is not only an art form but allows for direct experiences of deep meditative states.

Christina Hug

Vedic Yoga Chanting Poster

This class is taught by Christina who has studied Vedic Chanting and Yoga philosophy with the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram and Menaka Desikachar.

About the Sanskrit Language

Sanskrit is the Indian equivalent to Latin. Despite of being a few thousand years old it provides an an amazingly systematic alphabet, grammar and pronounciation system. It is considered to be a sacred language and most of the philosophical texts India have been composed in it.

Very often these texts have a meter (exact number of syllables etc.) because studying them hast always meant learning them by heart first.

The Mantra Tradition

In this class we will explore the endless benefits of reciting Sanskrit mantras and especially vedic texts.

One can reach high levels of concentration and focus of mind by following precise rules of grammar and pronunciation. Mantra is considered to be the single most effective method to prepare your mind for meditation.

Some mantras have energizing effects while others are rather cooling, calming or relaxing.

Traditionally mantras are also being chosen according to your physical constitution or for increasing certain qualities like faith or grounding. Reciting the Vedas is a beautiful form of Prāṇāyāma. I will help you increase your memory, breathing capacity and well being. It’s a wonderful way to train your voice and deal with ways of expression.